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Business Activities


The following are the services offered by MPS;

Engineering Service

       MPS has experience in Engineering work with the high performance, the cost-competitive to our customers both local & Overseas.
Our Engineering work  includes Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering & Design with applicable codes and standards such as ASME, ASTM, JIS,TEMA etc.

Procurement Service
       MPS has experience in Procurement service both local and overseas materials & equipments. We seek and verify vendors/fabricators, perform shipping work, custom clearance and manage the remaining materials.

QA & QC Service
      Our QA & QC have experience;
 - To achieve quality of products and services
 - Test products & services
 - Monitor non-conformity of products
 - Supervise quality control and inspection
 - Material control
 - Prepare inspection spec., procedures and for all products
 - Quality outsourced fabricators

Construction & Safety
    Our construction team has experience to manage & control including monitor occupational health and safety protocols at site construction.

   **For fabrication, MPS will use outsource fabrication shop and product quality is controlled by MPS inspectors.