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Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance Group

We organize this group to perform the quality control and outsource for the following; Quality of Product

• Non-conformity of products
• Supervising, inspection and construction
• Material control
• Prepare inspection specifications and procedures for all products
• Inspect all products prior to delivery
• Quality outsource fabricator
Inspection Tools

• Voltage & Ampere Meter
• Pocket Tachometer
• Film Thickness Meter
• Sound Level Meter
• Power Meter
• Clamp on power high tester
• Insulation Tester
• Ultrasonic thickness meter (Range 0.8-250 mm)
• Digital Lux Meter
• Automatic Level
• Positive Material Identification Equipment (PMI)
Gas Detector / Oxygen Meter

Inspection & Safety
Our QA/QC group has the following capabilities;

• Radio Graphic Test
• Ultrasonic Test
• Magnetic Particle Test
• Liquid Penetrates Test
• Chemical Analysis Test